Saturday, July 25, 2009

One day until DC!

I arrived in Manassas, VA today around 1pm. It was about a 55 mile day, fairly easy now that the mountains are gone but now that we are in the 'burbs of DC the traffic sucks. I got a slow leak in my rear tire about 10 miles from where we are staying. That was frustrating because I had to work so hard to pedal and I could never keep up with the group after having been in the lead all morning. Tomorrow we are headed into DC, we are going to meet a man that works for greener transportation and we are going to ride into DC on a rail trail critical mass style (as a big ole group). They are going to serve us lunch at the Rails to Trails office and then give us a lobbying workshop. The next day we are going to rally on the National Mall before the group goes to lobby for the Climate Bill. I will not be doing this as I have to head back to Michigan and go back to work.

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