Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Goshen, Virginia

I'm in a library in Goshen, Virginia. Yesterday (7/21) was a 54 mile day, a bit shorter than anticipated. We stayed at an actual campground, but there were no showers so we used Dr.Bronner's in the creek/river. There were snails everywhere in the water.. when you stepped on them they crunched. Our support vehicle got to camp late so I wore my wet/slightly clean clothes for a long time. That also meant that dinner was late. It was kinda gross chili made with low-sodium V8, so Kara tried to spice it up to make it taste better. That just means that I have spent all day in the bathroom. Today we've come about 31 miles and we still have 42-48 to go. We don't quite know where we are camping tonight so this should be fun. We have done 2 mountain passes today and a couple steep foothills, but the land is getting flatter.

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