Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One week until 'Go' time!

In 7 days I will become a part of a group of 9 bicyclists on their way from Michigan to Washington DC. Along the way we will meet up with other Trekkers to form a group of about 50 cyclists on the Trek to Re-Energize America. Follow my route from MI to Columbus, OH and then check out the Northern Route from Columbus to DC!! You can visit the website for more information about the Trek or to check out the blogs of Trekkers who have already been biking for the last month!

People keep asking me, "Why?". There are many reasons why I feel the need to pedal my way to Washington DC. The main reason: I love to bike!! I was a natural from the time my mom took my training wheels off. I really got into biking through Girl Scouts, they had camping trips especially for biking and I went on every one! The most memorable was a trip from Traverse City, MI to Mackinac, MI. It was a "self-supported tour" which just means that anything that we brought had to be packed on the bike in pannier (saddle) bags. Luckily during this trip we will have a support vehicle to carry our belongings!
The second reason that I want to bike to DC is for the awareness issue. I started biking my ~4 mile drive to and from work last April when I decided that I was not going to pay almost $4/gal for gas. The hardest part about biking my drive is not the miles or the hills, it is the people operating 2-tons of steel driving next to me. I've had the pleasure of being called every cuss word, been honked at, been pulled in front of, cut off and run off the road. I want to educate drivers about the law and safe driving practices.
Another reason that I feel the need to go on this trip is for the environmental aspect. I think that cycling is a great green form of transportation, exercise, and recreation!! 40% of all trips by car are made within 2 miles of home; that would be a 10 minute bike ride!! Read more about biking your drive!! I also feel that a group of 50 crazy cyclists will get attention and we can say, "Hey! Climate change is happening but we can do something about it before it's too late; starting with a greener economy in the US!"

I hope, for whatever your reasons, that you will read my blog in support of me biking my big derriere 900 miles to Washington DC!

My new bike- please get me to DC!!!